• Conduct scientific research and techniques in the field of biotechnology, in particular in fermentation processes, devoting particular attention to the problems of national character.
  • Run programs and plans to study topics of their expertise directly or in collaboration with other official or private institutions, with the essential goal tending to the development of technologies at the service of the country.
  • Collaborate with the requirements of qualified institutions interested in knowledge, research, development, technology and/or economics of the biotechnological processes, providing work or advice, as long as this does not interfere with the implementation of the programs developed by the Center.
  • Participate in the development of human resources of all staff.

  • Maintain relations with those institutions of this country which are dedicated to the study and research of related problems, as well as similar foreign and international institutions dealing with the development of these disciplines.
  • The goals listed here do not exclude others that can contribute to the better fulfillment of the aims of the Center.